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5  skytteflickan88 posted on Jun 29, 2009
Man, I really love this. Sweet and sexy.
4  perception posted on Jan 5, 2007
I really liked this story it's so romantic when they were holding eachother.
3  Myst posted on Apr 1, 2005
I love things like this. Little looks into the life of from the perspective of the simple things. Admiring a body part and finding it describes and contradicts a person. Then on to how it started and where it may be going. Very nice.

Thanks for this
2  natsing posted on Dec 12, 2003
Sexy and yummy- great fic
1  DittoSpikette posted on Dec 12, 2003
Oh wow, you're writing Spike 'n' Xander now? That makes me very happy. :D Just like this fic. Dxxoo

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