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4  Annie posted on Dec 9, 2003
This was a wonderful little fic. Put me in the mood for the Holidays. Too bad the show doesn't explore that side of Spike and Angel more.
3  Zyrya posted on Dec 8, 2003
I really like this. It's classic Angel: having something supernatural/magical/occult done ostensibly for someone else (snow for Spike), but which is really for himself, and not taking the consequences for everyone else into account.

I cherish the idea that the Scoobies (at least Willow and Tara) would have given Spike secret little Christmas pressies.

Sorry to be niggly, but Galway is in Ireland, and the English are in Northern Ireland.
2  hesadevil posted on Dec 8, 2003
This is perfect. The tone is just right, not too much sugar.
1  DittoSpikette posted on Dec 8, 2003
What can I say besides excellent? I have to find another word to describe first class fics *sigh*


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