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7  mapomi posted on Oct 3, 2005
Really funny! I like how you used Dawn. Good job!
6  Ikepear posted on Jul 7, 2004
This is a funny, sexy story loaded with charm & great use of dialogue. A good example is the scene where Buffy calls the whisky "revolting" & Spike says "you have the worst taste." Buffy looks at Spike & says 'I sure do.' The fun & sparkle in the scene & the easy way the 2 talk shows how much they have in common & how well they sometimes fit together. Spike's misunderstanding (or misdescription) of Buffy's stance on whisky shows one of the many things they don't have in common. It isn't, as Spike implies, that Buffy's a poor judge of whisky or has bad taste in whisky, it's that she has no liking for whisky (or any hard liquor), whether good or bad. And the scene has a further twist, with more added meaning, when Buffy agrees that she has poor taste b/c she's with him. It reminds us of the problem Buffy quite understandably has about being with Spike--her feeling that as the slayer it's wrong for her to be with him. At the same time, the remark indicates that she really does want to be with him. I.e., if Spike is an example of Buffy's poor taste in men, then that means that Spike is to her taste. That's a lot for any writer to put into one brief, funny scene.
All in all a big improvement over the Ep that ME aired.
5  ruth posted on Feb 18, 2004
"I think we have like, mice…or something.” lol! that was great Dawn writing. she really shone in this story.
4  Lisa posted on Dec 26, 2003
Great story! Nice use of malt whiskey, and nice AU for the ep. If only, if only...
You did Dawn really well.
3  Lynda posted on Dec 19, 2003
This is such a funny fic. I really laugh.
2  lena posted on Dec 15, 2003
I feel good after reading "older and wiser". thank you for redoing that depressing ep.
1  Pipergirl posted on Dec 14, 2003
A well-written, fun story! Spuffiness with a happy ending--always a bonus :)

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