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10  some random freak posted on Sep 11, 2004
I really like this story a lot, since I always hated the "having a soul makes everything all better" theory that they have on the show. if someone can be evil with a soul, than the opposite is true too. I would have liked spike to have grown on his own without the magic fix.
9  princess golux posted on Jun 1, 2004
Wow. I loved the fact that Spike was the one everyone wanted to save.

Great fic.
8  BelleImani posted on Jan 7, 2004 |
What a wonderful angle. And I love Wesley I swear I do. He totally gets it. Brilliant. I'd love to see a sequel.
7  Andrea posted on Dec 31, 2003
I admit that when I first read this story, I didn't really like the twist you gave it. But as I think about it, I realize that the idea of Spike having been given "Dumbo's feather" rather than an actual soul is a notion that could grow on me.

I hope you consider writing sequels to this story ... maybe even a whole novella based on this idea! (Or, if you're reluctant to spend that much of your free time on writing Spike stories, perhaps you could try recruting someone to write the story in your place??)

Some issues to think about and find ways to resolve:

1) If Spike didn't actually acquire a soul after all, then what did Anya see in his eyes in Beneath You?

2) If Spike didn't have a soul in "Chosen" then how was the amulet activated? Why did Spike so sincerely believe he *felt* his soul when the amulet was activated? How did he become attached to the amulet after he died? (If you do decide to write more stories carrying along the same theme, I would encourage you to go back and watch Chosen again to see if it helps stimulate your thoughts)

3) I should mention here that, so far, I have not yet seen the second half of the 3rd season, and I've also missed most of the 4th season. That means I've missed a lot of character development on AtS. But given what I do know of the AtS characters, I'm not sure I'm 100 percent convinced that all of them were "in-character" in that they were immediately concerned about Spike and immediately went looking for him. Fred, sure, I believe it -- she obviously cares about Spike. But if you want the readers to believe that the others care enough about him too, then I think you would need to work on it some more. As of early 3rd season, Gunn still didn't really trust Angel enough to consider the possibility of a serious friendship between them, in good part because Angel is a vampire. Would Gunn really be concerned about Spike's fate, or his feelings, once he learns that Spike doesn't even have a soul? Also, Wesley hasn't seemed that greatly impressed with Spike's soul or particularly concerned about, or impressed, with Spike as a person. If you want Wesley to care about him then I think you could make it work, but I would have to "see" more of his internal thinking process to be really convinced that he's having a change of heart.

This premise would take a lot of creative fanwanking to make it work, especially in a longer story where people tend to expect a little more character and story development. But, if you were so inclined, it could be well worth the effort. I think you have a fascinating premise, and it could be fascinating to see where it goes. How does Spike "process" this new information about himself and what does he do next? Does he revert to his evil ways, at least for a time? Does he decide he was "cheated" and try to get his soul back "for real"? If the latter, how does he change and grow from the experience (whether or not he actually succeeds)? Or does he eventually come to accept this new information about himself and deal with it? HOW does he deal with it?

Does Angel learn anything from this revelation -- not just about Spike but also about himself? What about the other Angel cast members? Does Buffy find out? How? What would HER reaction be like? Dawn's? The other scoobies?

If you ever decide to write some sequels, then I'd love to read them!
6  Dianna posted on Dec 10, 2003
Pounded my desk w/excitement after I read this. Much as I love the idea of Spike winning back his soul, you've put down my current feelings toward Angel exactly. Thank you.
5  animeme posted on Dec 9, 2003
Very nice- I really believe Spike would change in that manner. But... Not to be nitpicky, but then what did Anya(nka) see in his eyes in "Beneath You"?
4  Zyrya posted on Dec 8, 2003
Beautifully done, and without a single unnecessary word. I'm in the same camp with Rashaka ... I should be all philosophical, but instead am thinking "aww Spike gets shafted by Angel again". In a PG way, though. I think we can get around Anya seeing the soul ... maybe she saw whatever Spike is growing instead of a soul?
3  Rashaka posted on Dec 8, 2003
I know this is supposed to be saying something important about willfully changing and all that, and it does, but mostly it just makes me feel incredibly sad and crappy on behalf of Spike.
2  Becky posted on Dec 8, 2003
Very interesting twist. Made me want to hug Spike and smack Angel upside the head. But, Anya saw Spike's soul, no?
1  DittoSpikette posted on Dec 8, 2003
I really like this. Dxxoo

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