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11  Twiggy posted on Dec 11, 2007
That was wondeful!!
It's such a shame, that the Buffyverse starts to fade, since I'm still so in there.

"China Doll Eyes"...*melt* = )
10  Joe Frankline posted on Mar 27, 2007
Nicely done.
9  Megg posted on Dec 18, 2003
beautiful! I love the way you describe the interaction between them. Very moving
8  MaryMoe posted on Dec 12, 2003
I think you really made the time period in which you set the story work for the interaction. It's very subtle, and yet significant. I think you capture a certain something of both characters very well, the certain something that makes this pairing believable. Great story.
7  DittoSpikette posted on Dec 12, 2003
Exquisite. Dxxoo
6  Mona posted on Dec 11, 2003 |
Loved it-- all the bittersweetness that S/X can be wrapped up in a tight and so very fitting format. Thanks.
5  Amy posted on Dec 10, 2003
Wow, that was awesome. Spixe/Xander is my favourite pairing, despite them being written about to death (no pun intended) and you wrote them beautifully sweet yet not out of character. Thanks for a great piece of work!
4  natsing posted on Dec 10, 2003
Oh this story is goood, sexy as hell and very moving- I really liked it
3  Herself posted on Dec 10, 2003 |
Just beautiful. I love the short chapter form, and this is very simple and full of authentic feeling.
2  be posted on Dec 10, 2003
1  HurrySundown posted on Dec 10, 2003
Sweet! Lovely structure and tone, believable characterization and action, steam achieved without recourse to smut (not that there's anything wrong with smut *g*), sentiment without shmoop ... So yeah, I liked it.

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