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4  missmurchison posted on Mar 4, 2006
This came up on the main page, and I realized I'd missed it. Not your usual style, and it took me by surprise. You do schmoop beautifully, and in character, which is rare. I love the Layla reference.
3  kate posted on Mar 26, 2004
Hey :) Just wanted to say that I loved this, and I don't think it needed any notes. The part 'I am going to die for you. Don't you get it?' is so matter of fact and so sad.
2  Cyn posted on Dec 25, 2003
I feel I owe you an explanation, because I, too, would be saying: wHAT?!?
It was an excursion into schmoop, which I don't write. I stick to cool distance, see. And I was all raw and furious after reading JK Rowling's emotion-free death of Sirius, and I thought I'd stretch. I was also half in the bag. :) And the reference of the title refers to a guy in Hindu mythology, who loved a woman so much it redeemed him and made him a saint. Her name was Leyli, and Eric Clapton knew that story and wrote a song called Layla -- and if I have to ammend so many notes I know I have failed as a storyteller, for which I apologize. *g* But hey, it's fanfic. Please gimme a pass on this one, mia hemana. It won't happen again.
1  wHAT? posted on Dec 20, 2003
I don't understand it

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