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8  Palabra posted on Mar 13, 2009
Hehe! I love the last line. Very nice. Cracked me up and poked a find finger at all the Angel vs. Spike debaters out there (of which I am one, naturally). You also managed to pretty accurately anticipate the direction they'd go with Spike on AtS, sans ghostiness, that is. Kudos.
7  miz_extraordinary posted on Dec 29, 2005 |
Oh HONEY, this is the best I've read in a while. You're a god.
6  MikkTorrent posted on Dec 30, 2003
[snicker, snicker] i dig it.
5  Dezdemona posted on Dec 11, 2003
I loved this story! Wonderful interaction between Spike and Angel. You know this is begging to be continued in a series, don't you? Please consider it as I think it would be a blast to read. I love 'your' Spike!
4  Cyn posted on Dec 5, 2003
Oh, this is old, Nan -- I wrote a few spec fics the week it was announced that Marsters was signed for Angel the series. I was trying to figure out how they would bring him back and just wrote anything that came into my head. There's another one some place, where Spike's a human!dogooder rookie. The ghost thing never entered my head, naturally.
3  Nan posted on Dec 5, 2003 |
Cyn! So glad to see your splendid and delightful fiction getting the wider audience it so richly deserves. More! More! You're certainly on a roll here! Now go finish "Code of the Watchers" so it can be here too.
2  Belle posted on Dec 4, 2003 |
Very well written, very Spike and Angel and brings up some excellent points.
1  lena posted on Dec 4, 2003
good point. i wonder about that myself. what are these two gonna do? well written. nice dialogue. i like how you kept spike more like btvs spike instead of how he's appearing nowadays.

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