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16  Fluffy posted on Sep 4, 2014
I think I really enjoyed this story. It was more of a reflection but still wonderfuly writen. It really felt that it could have been something Dawn worte down in her jounal after the game of cards ended. Thank you for the story.
15  sensei posted on Nov 15, 2009
Here it is Nov. 2009 and I just read Inscrutible. I just wanted you to see that people are still reading your stories yrs. after you posted them. I enjoy Dawn and Spike interaction. How clever of you to include even the ones the monks put in her mind!

So are you still teaching history or did you move on to something else?

14  Sarah posted on Jul 8, 2008 |
I enjoyed this all the way through, especially the Dawn's-eye view of past events, but this is the line that made the piece for me: "He was so bad at hiding his feelings it was almost like being honest." Spike in a nutshell - *perfect*.
13  Marit posted on Sep 14, 2005
A really vell written story. I love the way you describe whatever there is between Spike and Dawn. It was fun to read to read Dawn's thoghts on Spike in Becoming and Lover's walk

And I that last line was perfect.

Thank you for an amazing story.

Lots of love from
12  Rad posted on Jul 13, 2004
This was so great. I loved it!
I Love Dawn and Spike's relationship.
11  Rebecca posted on Jun 15, 2004 |
That was great! I love the made-up memories of Dawn. I especially liked her seeing him hear Willow and Tara, and the smile he wore.
10  Andrea posted on Dec 31, 2003 | (not mine, but great org)
Like some of the others who commented here, I wish there had been more Dawn/Spike interaction during season six and seven, and an eventual reconcilation before the end of the series. Stories like yours help give us a little bit of what we missed in the official BtVS canon. Thanks! I hope you write more Dawn/Spike stories in the future!
9  yvonne posted on Dec 3, 2003
Very much enjoyed this story - partly because (I can't help myself) I love any story showing the softer side of Spike. Spike/Dawn friendship stories are my special favorites. Thank you for posting.
8  Lynne C. posted on Dec 3, 2003 |
A really beautiful vignette (or series of them); you've gotten to the essence of the Spike-Dawn relationship, but also to a reasonable place about how Dawn sees her place in the universe. There's layers here, and that's really nice to see!

~ Lynne C. ~
7  natsing posted on Dec 3, 2003
I'm not a big Dawn lover, but this fic totally made me like her, and apreciate the Spike Dawn bond, a great fic, with some clever changes to canon for Lover's Walk and Something Blue. You voice Dawn really well
6  lena posted on Dec 3, 2003
aww. that was so cute and true. i like dawn's voice in this. i love the d&s moments. well thought up and put together.
5  Rachel posted on Dec 2, 2003
Hey there - thanks so much for this lovely story! I love the Spike and Dawn friendship - a high point for both of them, really. I miss it, and I love to read well-done versions of it. I thought the best line of your story came at the very end - "He was so bad at hiding his feelings that it was almost like being honest." A great thought that communicates a lot about the essence of Spike's character :)
4  Deborah posted on Dec 2, 2003 |
Beautiful. It felt honest and true to Dawn's & Spike's characters all the way through.

I too rue the abandonment of the special closeness they once shared in canon. For the life of me I can't understand why ME never restored it before the end and why JM apparently views the Spike and Dawn friendship in such a negative light. I've heard him talk about what a bad example Buffy had set for Dawn - teaching her to think that it was okay to trust and befriend an evil killer. Pretty harsh considering Buffy had trusted this evil guy with her mother and sister's life and that this evil guy had kept faith with her trust, continuing to fight the good fight with the Scoobys and look after Dawn after Buffy's death.

The genuine regard and affection that Spike came to feel for Joyce and Dawn independent of his feelings for Buffy contributed to his growth in learning to appreciate people as other than walking happy meals that his chip prevented him from hunting. I think their friendship marked the beginning of his slowly developing ability to connect with humans. Even in the very beginning it was mutually beneficial. Spike gained experience in caring for a human other than in a romantic, sexual context and Dawn had someone she could open up to who was direct and unpatronizing.

I can understand Dawn's anger and resentment after Spike's return in S7 but for the longest time I kept expecting an eventual reconciliation. ME didn't agree, I guess.

And mainly because ME did disappoint me so much I especially value fanfiction that explores the relations between Spike and Dawn with the respect and care it deserves.

You did a great job.

deborah cohen
3  petzipellepingo posted on Dec 2, 2003
That was just sweet. One of the things I regret the most from BtVS was that Dawn and Spike never spoke in Season Seven. Very interesting take on Becoming & Lover's Walk from Dawn's point of view.
2  Lisa posted on Dec 2, 2003
Nice story, Jen. No one has ever really addressed Dawn's memories in much detail. I loved the SOMETHING BLUE part. Nice description of SPike's actions over the summer after THE GIFT. It was very believable.
1  bridget (soundingsea) posted on Dec 2, 2003 |
Love how this came out! Seamless. Dawn's memories are always fascinating, and these ring true. Good job.

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