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11  Lani posted on Apr 28, 2012
10  meg posted on Jun 30, 2009
that was wicked! ur very talented xx
9  Rebel Goddess posted on Jan 20, 2006
I have to like anyone who starts a story with Rolling Stones' lyrics. I love that Spike wants to vamp her - Tara would make such a good fanged one. The line "Unpleasant, he thinks, but he tries." was so tragically funny that I laughed aloud. Also loved the evil cranberry sauce. When you quoted the lyrics again I was laughing, but this was one of the best sex scenes I've ever read, mostly because you made it so beautifully different. That was just gorgeous and so sweet. More please.
8  Poly posted on Oct 27, 2005
Very nice! Loved it. Thanks!
7  gaillee posted on Oct 4, 2005
This is so sweet. I only recently started reading T/S. Thanks for a warm read.
6  S's Girl posted on Sep 11, 2005
I really liked that, always looking for good T/S fic. You would think the two of them would be beautiful together. Even without his soul there was goodness lurking in there, love proves it. Thanks!
5  DebXena posted on Feb 11, 2004 |
Marvellous fic - very sweet and quite believably done. Bravo.

Loved this line particularly:
~ He seems to have died and gone to a very girly dorm room.
4  Xane posted on Feb 7, 2004
Really lovely.
3  lena posted on Feb 7, 2004
that was gorgeous. thank you for writing.
2  MsSpikester posted on Feb 6, 2004
This story was beautiful....could just about see the colors as it transformed...inner beauty blossomed....there was so much to Tara - its a shame they made her die....
1  Nan posted on Feb 6, 2004 |
Strikingly original and vivid. Wow, the colors! (70's joke).

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