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21  Veralidaine posted on Jan 20, 2010
I really liked that. I felt almost canon and could have easily been a deleted scene. Thank you for sharing it :-)
20  Gabrielle posted on Jan 26, 2008
A wonderfully thought out story; the memory scenes gave so much depth to their (evolving) relationship. My favorite will always be his speech near the end of Season 7: "I love what you are, what you do, how you try..." Perfect!
19  Joanne posted on Jul 16, 2007
I love it. It is just the right mix of emotions. I love the memories that are mixed in. My favorite is "Every night i save you."-Spike
18  Amy posted on Jan 5, 2007 |
Very nicely done. Especially the song and memories interwoven. Very well characterized. Very sweet.
17  Blackarachnia posted on Mar 3, 2006 |
I loved your story. It was beautifully structured and interwoven with past memories and new memories. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

Come see me at my forum if you like. We have many many Spuffy fans.
16  vicki posted on Apr 13, 2004
this is a very very good story. i would not change a thing. there was a lot of feeling in it. wonderful job.
15  SDWolfpup posted on Dec 15, 2003 |
I'm not sure how to properly respond to this piece, I just loved it so much. As others have said, the inclusion of their history made sure we never forgot what was between them, but the Chosen scene was written very deftly to embrace and transcend that past. And I loved the peach metaphor throughout, and Spike singing as they danced.
14  Dee Rariden posted on Nov 22, 2003
Wow!!! I'd say more but would only be repeating what others have said. Excellent job!!
13  Andrea posted on Nov 17, 2003
Addendum to my last post (immediately below): I did think that the kissing felt "right" to me.

Good work!
12  Andrea posted on Nov 17, 2003
I liked the way you went back and forth between the flashbacks/quoted lines and the "present." Buffy and Spike have really come a long way together, haven't they?

Like someone else said, I still don't believe they had sex that night. And for me, psychologically, to be honest, the sex part of the story didn't work. Given the way Buffy used him in the past, and his lingering guilt over his own treatment of Buffy, I think Spike would need a good few weeks or months of no-strings-attached romancing before he could really feel ready for sex again. Yes, they've had a year to learn how to be (platonic) friends, but they would both still need some time to learn how to be sweetly romantic with each other without any expectations before mixing in something as potentially complicated and messy as sex. That's my take on it.

But the rest of the story was just beautiful, and definitely one of the stronger versions of "What Spike and Buffy did that night" that I've seen.
11  bheryandcherry posted on Nov 16, 2003
wow love it! all of it and the scens in between were a great touch
10  Rashaka posted on Nov 14, 2003
I adored this story. Very, very nice Chosen piece. I loved the peach metaphor. Especially at the end.

A romantic and uplifting fanfic. Thanks.
9  DebXena posted on Nov 11, 2003 |
Great fic - you had the Buffy-speak down pat, and their interaction, both in past and present was excellent.

And this line made me laugh: "Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the cemetery… bam. Your past sneaks up, punches out the bad guy and makes with the scary boo."

Great stuff!
8  Fallowdoe posted on Nov 11, 2003
I love how you plotted the entire progress of these two characters together over time-- and gave it an ending on a sad, yet strangely hopeful note. Excellent. Thank you.
7  betty posted on Nov 11, 2003
Thanks for providing the romance that should have been in Chosen. Excellentt fic.
6  Stephanie posted on Nov 10, 2003
Wow! Can I say, one of the best fics I've ever read. Not that I've really read tons, but this is already my favorite.
5  makd posted on Nov 10, 2003
Just. the. best. interpretation. I. of. the. night. before.

thank you.

4  gazebo posted on Nov 10, 2003
Wow! That was so tender and so sweet! I especially like the old song Spike sings to Buffy. I think this story is peachy, just peachy!
3  Maureen posted on Nov 10, 2003
Beautiful and bittersweet
2  Viola posted on Nov 10, 2003
I'm all teary now. That was just lovely. I adore the Shakespeare reference. *sigh*
1  petzipellepingo posted on Nov 10, 2003
Woo hoo! Spike quoting Shakespeare to Buffy, something I always wanted to see on screen. That and see them dance together. You've fulfilled all my fantasies. While I still don't think they had sex on that final night, dancing is a great idea. Good job.

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