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27  quirks posted on Nov 13, 2008
I just realized how long ago this was written, but on the off chance that you'll see this I want to tell you how much I'm enjoying this. You've done a great job of painting Spike's anguish without turning maudlin or melodramatic. I love the details that are peppered throughout, it makes the reading almost cinematic (like the scoobies dumping styrofoam cups to go save a boy).
26  MEI posted on Sep 2, 2006
I should preface this small criticism by saying that I love this story with a fiery passion, I swear, I do. But (here's the criticism): all the taste and smell similes got a little comical towards the end. You know, where you say "his tongue tasted like [insert noun] and [another noun]." At first, I was like, "oh, f--- yeah, that's so lovely and evocative" but then, after the thousandth time, it seemed sort of random and overdone. Almost like self-caricature. Like you could have said "buffy smelled of burnt rubber and vaseline and tasted like moist earth and McNuggets" or "spike tasted like styrofoam and cedar wood" and it would have been neither more or less effective than many of your latest similes/metaphors. I'm not a writer and so cannot suggest a better, more innovative descriptive device, but . . . if you ever write more, which is unlikely at this point (late 2006), maybe keep this in mind.
25  Barbara posted on May 12, 2004
Wonderful, wonderful piece. Certainly WIP though.
Too many threads left untied. The relationship between Buffy and Spike is just what I want it to be. And your DrakuLucas as the ultimate evil here is sooo intriguing. Looking forward to more.
24  Jade C. posted on Sep 6, 2003
This story was incredible. Dark, desolate, emotionally heartbreaking, passionate, I could go on and on you know .

What I liked best was everyone is anguished, but still living, still struggling on through life. Not everything is wrapped up in a neat little bow. They will all perservere through life, with all its heartbreak and despair, the good things like love and passion, friendship...can keep them going.

Amazing story, thank you so much for your time and energy writing it.

Jade C.
23  SpikeLuva posted on Aug 11, 2003 |
OMG... amazing. Your writing is fantastic. Please update this story soon!
22  Danielle posted on Jun 24, 2003 |
I love this fic, it's fabulous, and I'm so mad that it took me this long to come and read the new parts you'd posted. It's gorgeous, simply that.
21  gaeliclassie posted on Jun 12, 2003
Just finished reading upto last chapter. Could not stop till the end fascinatingstoryline. Drake being the big evil truly kept me enthralled. Buffy and Spike loving each other to such an extent made this wonderfully romantic. Now please contunue I for one am waiting for more.
20  darkravine posted on Jun 10, 2003 |
You are a goddess. *bows down before you in supplication*

Haven't been around much the past few months, so I was thrilled to find 5 chapters to this that I hadn't already read.

Okay, first things first. Loving Drake! But I'm always a sucker for those evil types. *grin* He scares the shit out of me, which is usually difficult to do. And loved the line about not wanting that master/minion crap, that they're a corporation.

I've also been kind of dis-interested with Spuffy as of late, but let me tell you, that last chapter turned everything back around for me. You have souled!Spike nailed, and that encounter in the bathroom was nothing short of phenomenal. How do you do it? Seriously. Everytime I think that it can't get any better, you totally prove me wrong.

Awesome job, and keep up the updates! Can't wait for the next installment!
19  Inanna posted on Jun 8, 2003
Brilliant. You are such a talented writer. I couldn't stop reading and all of a sudden I discovered it was 4 AM. Also- excellent job creating the Big Bad- Drake is truly terrifying.
18  Tori Morris posted on Jun 7, 2003
Oooh, evil. I'm glad things between Buffy and Spike are starting to look up again, although I'm sure it's going to get much worse soon. And I'm really curious about what's happening with Dawn: is she beginning to be able to use her Keyness, or is someone else using her? How did she escape, exactly? It's all very interesting--hurry up and write more!
17  Kate posted on Jun 6, 2003
Simply breath-taking. I just spent the afternoon in indulging in the guilty pleasure of being sucked into your incredible story and it was so worth the time. The depth and breadth of your plot and characterizations is utterly amazing. You've gone to the places where the show didn't have time to or chose not to and demonstrated the wonderful possibilities of these characters and their stories. I can't wait for the rest.
16  Viola posted on Jun 6, 2003
Okay first of all, Drake is fucking terrifying. Second, this line:

"But I love you with all my broken heart."

is one of the most beautiful lines I've ever read. I want to paste it onto my desktop. I want to embroider it on a pillow. I want to marry you and have your babies for this amazing perfect, short and sweet, but oh my god line.
15  Viola posted on Jun 6, 2003
Okay first of all, Drake is fucking terrifying. Second, this line:

"But I love you with all my broken heart."

is one of the mpst beautiful lines I've ever read. I want to paste it onto my desktop. I want to embroider it on a pillow. I want to marry you and have your babies for this amazing perfect, short and sweet, but oh my god line.
14  Viola posted on Jun 6, 2003
Okay first of all, Drake is fucking terrifying. Second, this line:

>>>But I love you with all my broken heart.
13  jcvampireslayer posted on Apr 14, 2003
OMG I LOVE THIS STORY!!! it is one of my favorites EVER!!! I cant wait for the next chapter. i hope for good buffy/spike moments.
12  jules posted on Apr 13, 2003
i just read 1-7 and i lliterally had to tell myself to stop. i love it. i don't want to read it all in one sitting. something to look forward to and want. im so glad i found this story. keep up the great writing
11  patricia posted on Apr 12, 2003
I just finished reading all of what is posted of your story, it is great! I was spellbound, you need to post some more very soon! One of the best Spike-Buffy stories I have read!
10  Karaph posted on Apr 12, 2003
What a place to end the chapter! I like the way you've written this story. I like that everyone is amazed by Spike's soul. Great job on the characterizations of everyone.
9  Miss B posted on Apr 12, 2003
Now that was just cruel. And I bet you won't post for months! Sigh, or you could surprise me and post in the next day or two? Please?
8  Fallowdoe posted on Apr 11, 2003
So beautiful. Thank you.
7  Ver posted on Apr 7, 2003
Extraordinary -- lots of people write Buffy and Spike reasonably well, but you've given such depth to the entire cast. I've never felt such sympathy for Anya before. Excellent writing and a gripping plot, I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next.
6  Tempest posted on Apr 7, 2003
Oh, dear god- a new chapter! Fantastic! This is one of my all time favorite fics, and the new chappy is brilliant-I was practically trembling with emotion while I read it, *not* the norm for me at all. Loved it!.
5  Saya H. posted on Oct 17, 2002
I'm smitten! Please, please, PLEASE, hurry up and post the next chapter; this is beautiful! >~_0
4  Stephi posted on Oct 11, 2002
OMG! I love this story, very clever and i love the way you've written Spike. And I also like seeing Buffy reasonably happy for once! The suspence is killing me, can't wait 'till the next chapter to see how it unfolds.
3  writteninstars posted on Sep 30, 2002
You are a most amazing writer. Did you study creative writing or is this an innate, natural talent? Your story is just beautiful. Can't wait for the update.
2  dutchbuffy2305 posted on Sep 28, 2002
Heartbreaking, the last chapter especially. Don't make us wait too long!
1  darkravine posted on Sep 19, 2002
Brilliant and moving ... loved the last chapter for so many reasons, the Spike/Willow interaction particularly. Xander reflecting on his feelings for Buffy and the reality of the situation was touching and rueful. Can't wait for the next installment!

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