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9  Lani Akers posted on Sep 24, 2013
Damn. Harsh.
8  Mars posted on Dec 27, 2008
Write a part 2!
7  Erica posted on Sep 18, 2008
That was really good. It was a bit confusing and sexy yet not overdone. I really enjoyed it
6  Xeelia posted on Mar 31, 2008
Wonderful story! I was wondering if you continued this story because I think it would be really awesome!
5  Samantha posted on Feb 7, 2006
Oh man,
This was harsh.
I loved it.
I loved seeing that side of Spike.
&&It was brilliantly written.
Fantastic Work!
And the ending, god, it was just perfect.
Brilliant, just brilliant.
4  Ayrin posted on Nov 15, 2005
Damn, this one was seriously good! Finally a chipped Spike who isn't just regarded as a pathetic loser, forced to turn to the scoobies to even survive.
3  Dawn: The Sun In Spike's World posted on Sep 17, 2004
Beautiful work! I go for Spike/Dawny action, but this was a nice medium...
2  alyssa posted on Jun 3, 2004
ha. i liked that. usually the spike/dawn fics creep me out a touch, but this one was just right.
1  DittoSpikette posted on Nov 2, 2003
Normally only read slash now, but felt inquisitive about this and thought I'd just have a quick skim. Totally excellent fic. Dxxoo

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