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10  Ms Trick posted on Nov 20, 2004
this was one of the most beautiful fics i think i've ever read. fantastic job!
9  Shadowscast posted on Jun 20, 2004
I love imagining that these really were their thoughts at those moments in season 7. Beautiful, making so much emotional sense.
8  Addy posted on Jun 11, 2004 | n/a
I think your portrayal of the characters was very good, indeed. Especially Spike's character - I've personally had more of a kinship with his character than any other in the series, though I understand their quirks. Spike's character is pivotal in the series, though working best in the background - I feel you gave his character the depth and passion it deserved, and brought to life a few things in season seven that were left a bit loose ended in the actual series. Thank you for a wonderful story - I thoroughly enjoyed reading your work. :-)
7  DebXena posted on Nov 11, 2003 |
Goddamn, that was amazingly great. Great use of the McSweeny lists, and great writing.

"Into his lips. Fuck being fragile, being delicate. They both have scarred hearts, neither are restrained when it comes to passion, and never have been."

Nice to see something longer than your Sunday100 drabbles - I'll be keeping an eye out for more.
6  Karaph posted on Nov 10, 2003
I wish ME could have had as much insight into these characters as you do. Thanks for making season 7 a little more palatable. I did like the season overall, but there was so much wasted potential( Gah! I never want to hear THAT word again.)

Very touching stories, BuffyX.
5  Cyn posted on Nov 1, 2003
Beautiful. I'm pretty hard-hearted when it comes to fic, but I actually teared up at this. Shucks, I didn't even tear up watching Chosen. *g*
4  Kate posted on Oct 30, 2003
I thoroughly enjoyed this. Very nicely written. I enjoyed the "titles" most of all, very intriguing, made me pay attention.
3  VS posted on Oct 28, 2003
Good story! I'm still all teary eyed.
2  buffybot posted on Oct 28, 2003
Beautiful story. I really think that all those thoughts ran through their heads. I really liked this! Thanks for it.
1  spikedru posted on Oct 28, 2003 |
I really enjoyed this series. There are some lovely descriptive phrases and it charts the developments of season 7 very smoothly. I especially liked the notes Buffy didn't write, and Spike's TMI moment with Xander (not least because Buffy's 'bluh!' really is very cute).

I would say, though, that they are not drabbles but vignettes. A drabble is traditionally a story exactly 100 words long, no more, no less. Picky, I know, and it doesn't detract from the scenes or their sense of emotional progression.

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