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9  MikkTorrent posted on Aug 29, 2004
i adore you. and your writing. and your pretty, flat eyed xander
8  Rose posted on Apr 26, 2004
God. Your writing is just wonderful.
7  Tesla posted on Apr 14, 2004 |
Man, I love this AU, this hardened Xander, this
Spike. "Burn pretty if you light 'em." Jeeze.
How sad that I want more!
6  DittoSpikette posted on Nov 2, 2003
Excellent. Dxxoo
5  vikil posted on Oct 29, 2003
Great writing as always. Keep on.
4  Nan posted on Oct 28, 2003 |
Ditto to all below. Hope you expand/continue this. Absolutely convincing, yet entirely surprising. Very fine...but, I think, only an opening that yet has places to go.
3  spikeswench posted on Oct 28, 2003
You could leave this fic exactly where it is, truly satisfying and whole. I can honestly say it lacks nothing, although, being me, I loved the slash... the way it was written, and the intimate, honest, thoughtful way you dealt with human bodies.
2  devi posted on Oct 27, 2003
ummm... there is going to be more of this? isn't there? soon? please? Great writing---I could smell, taste, feel, see everything while reading this fic--loved it.
1  Belle posted on Oct 27, 2003
Awesome, thoughtful, dark, brilliant.

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