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15  heartsinger posted on Feb 23, 2011
Hot, funny, lovely. Write more, I demand it!
14  Teleen posted on Feb 6, 2007
A lovely story. I really, really liked it.
13  RogueSpike posted on Aug 4, 2006 |
OMG!! That was just about the FUNNIEST thing I've EVER read! Especially when Spike made Xander kiss him to get rid of the commandos. And yay for the yummy hot ending! :-D
12  laura posted on Oct 21, 2005
I love this, I love how Cannon everyone felt and how they just slid into the relationship. There were no sappy I love you's it was just there.
11  Ix Tab posted on Sep 10, 2005 |
Whee! Man, I really needed a decent meaty well written S/X fic today, and this is above and beyond brilliant. Plus, mega uberhot. mmm...nekid.

How very like Xander to embrace the zeppo-ness and find a companion in the enforced zeppo-ness of Spike.

Excellent job! ^^
10  Kleio posted on Jan 19, 2005 |
This was simply hysterical! You had captured Xander's voice so perfectly, the humour of the text at times even surpassing that of the show itself. And the smut will definitely stay on my mind for quite some time. Absolutely amazing:)
9  Maeglin posted on Jan 5, 2005 |
I absolutely loved the long set-up in this fic. You really took your time having Xander get in touch with his gay side and finally getting together with Spike, and I thought that worked perfectly. What a great read!
8  witling posted on Oct 22, 2004
Aw, man. What a great story. I'm amazed I hadn't read it before. Funny and sexy and your brain is a wonderful place. Thank you.
7  Jenna posted on May 21, 2004
Fantastic. Xander's narrative was flawless and the relationship was written wonderfully.
6  devi posted on Oct 30, 2003
"Spike took a long, suggestive drag off his cigarette, and then squinted at Xander as he exhaled curlicues of smoke. "Find a new," long, nasty pause where Spike tapped his pink tongue against his bottom lip, "partner while I was out?"
That paragraph alone was enough to turn me into a big puddle of hot & messy goo. Very impressive writing, believable characterizations, funny as hell; I must say true writing talent really shines through in this story.
5  Nan posted on Oct 28, 2003 |
A lot of Xander sweetness here, and much credible Spike obstinacy and snarkiness. I enjoyed it!

I also like your Methos stories, on your site! Methos isn't an easy voice to write, either...and in some ways, very reminicent of Spike!
4  MarcB. posted on Oct 27, 2003
Oh I want more of this!!! Absolutely brilliantly intelligent overall, hilarious dialogue--reading this at work was a mistake, spewing and guffawing while my coworkers gaped at me. Nice to read well-written and realistic man on man sex. And yes, the hottest and besttest kissing descriptions I've ever read. Spike/Xander has always been my thang and this one is going into the files for my bedtime stories. Thanks for the fanfkingtastic fic!
3  sunny posted on Oct 27, 2003
that was awesome.
2  Vocca posted on Oct 27, 2003
Ah, sorry -- the quote below's supposed to be in quotes. Like this:

"Plus, Spike didn't seem to be bothered at all by the guy-on-guy action, but maybe that was because vampires were giant slutzillas."

Adding on to make this review an actual review: You've wholly converted me to Spander. I was taking tentative steps into this particular pool of slash, but this one's got me. Lovely writing, beautiful characterization and WHOA, the kiss descriptions? Heavenly.
1  Vocca posted on Oct 27, 2003
Hot damn. HOT damn. I loved it.

Plus, Spike didn't seem to be bothered at all by the guy-on-guy action, but maybe that was because vampires were giant slutzillas.


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