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11  cherylynn posted on Jan 3, 2011
Beautifully written !!
10  Fallowdoe posted on Nov 13, 2003
Sly humor, vivid detail, rich worldbuilding, top-notch characterization-- this is one of the most finely crafted fics I have read. Wonderfully enjoyable and an excellent read! Thank you!
9  gazebo posted on Oct 27, 2003
Oh, Wow! Sylvia, you have written another masterpiece! You got Dru and Spike down to a "T"! Your descriptions of the seedy side of London and your horrific imagery of sleepers, vampires and dragon is enthralling! I sincerely hope you continue to write more BtVS stories!

This story is highly recommended!
8  Sister Cuervo posted on Oct 27, 2003 |
Tremendous work, and quite enthralling in the details. Clear, lovely writing with the flavor of London after dark. Def. a keeper.
7  MikkTorrent posted on Oct 24, 2003
nice! very nice! I like the idea of setting it in london, you wrote it very well. Good dru babble too. :) please continue writing.
6  Diva Stardust posted on Oct 20, 2003
This is fantastic! I loved all your descriptions of the different parts of London. Really made you feel like you were there.

Your characterization of Dru was wonderfully layered. It went beyond "Spike's crazy girlfriend" which is what some fics seem to do without realizing all the power she has in her.

Wonderful original characters like Wiggy and Lupine. Lupine was nicely creepy with the way he had Wiggy manipulated.

The whole story had a lovely fairytalish quality to it, with the dragon and the sleeping slayer.
5  spikeswench posted on Oct 20, 2003
I love the way you combine period detail with hilarious inventions... kitten markets and contraceptives.... nice work :)
4  ascian posted on Oct 16, 2003 |
I don't quite know what to say about this, or where to start. It's lovely, beautiful, dark and mad - a bit like Dru, I suppose. I love:

- the power dynamic between Spike and Dru, the back-and-forth of who is looking after whom
- the feel of turn of the century London, gritty and real
- the spells in old English
- a dark, compelling dragon
- the foreshadowing, and Dru's motivation
- the enthralled Slayer

and everything. Thank you so much.
3  eli posted on Oct 15, 2003
oh Sylvia, welcome, welcome. I loved your HL fic for years. I knew you wrote btvs once or twice too, but welcome anyway. I hope you write Spike/Buffy again one day.
Thanks for this one.
2  Nan posted on Oct 13, 2003 |
Splendid! Crunchy! For my archives, absolutely!
1  DebXena posted on Oct 13, 2003 |
Excellent story - Spike and Dru were well crafted, and your original characters were excellent. Nice use of a sleeping Slayer to prevent the rise of a new one as well.

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