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11  sue zeune posted on Jul 12, 2008
Just read this story well written and beautiful. I hope you make it a trlogy.
10  sthuzi posted on Feb 15, 2007
all i can say is wow!
9  GREAT!!! posted on Nov 17, 2003
It was wonderful! i loved it! much better then some of the othere post chosen stories i have read cuz in those ones spike always comes back human and i don't think thats realistic.
8  Jessica posted on Nov 11, 2003
wow. I got all teary eyed. I hate to ask but I do agree with everyone else, these stories do deseve a third and/or final part.Fantastic writing by the way. It was so real.
7  Julienne posted on Oct 24, 2003


I just read Heliotrope a few days ago and now this one. Great stories. So full of emotion and tough issues. The Sun, The Moon, The Stars really struck a cord in me; probably because I'm dealing with some of the same issues myself. Thanks for your thoughts. Powerful ending. Love it, write more!
6  Nellie posted on Oct 19, 2003
So sweet, soothing and emotional it made me quiver. I really loved this. This is what I would want the Buffy and Spikes relationship to become. If there are any plans on more in the same series I would love to read it.
5  Surfergirl posted on Oct 17, 2003 |
Ditto to what everyone else said--dreamy, yummy, delicious! This was an amazing sequel--and all the better b/c I wasn't expecting it! I love how you show inspiration from (but are not completely canonical about) ATS. The London details were so Gaiman-like! Okay, now I'm hoping for +another+ sequel . . . and that's just cruel ;)
4  Spaceghostess posted on Oct 16, 2003
Damn, that was a pretty sequel. You write Buffy and Spike just beautifully. Very, very satisfying.
3  natsing posted on Oct 14, 2003
lovely- makes me all warm and tingly inside. Great writing
2  Kate posted on Oct 14, 2003
Perfect. Absolutely perfect!! A beautiful sequel...I love the balanced relationship you created between Spike and Buffy. Very realistic.
1  AC posted on Oct 13, 2003
Oh, this made me melt. It was just perfect.

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