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9  spikegirl65 posted on Jun 3, 2010
Very good character studies. Spike at his best,so human but yet still a demon when all is said and done and the Xander was so much more likable than Xander of Season 6.
8  perception posted on Jan 9, 2007
oh thank god, I thought for sure spike was dead. I'm also going to go with the he was turned, not because I like unhappy endings, but because I think thats the happy ending. I love ambigious endings. ^_^
7  pestilence posted on Jun 3, 2006
Seemed obvious to me that Xander did set the place on fire but the passerby saw it in time that they could put it out, get Xander a lift to safety. Spike has shelter until dark and then can move along. I loved that Spike was more feral; too many authors forget that despite his many human characteristics, he *is* a demon and will eat anyone he has to to survive. I loved Xander's realistic combination of vulnerability and toughness, too. You pointed out that he is often quite kind or friendly to Spike, even though according to Buffy's mission statement, none of them should be, chip or no chip. Many authors miss that & portray Spike as all fluffy and soft and Xander as phobic in one way or other. I liked that there was no sweet resolution to this; Spike loves him, Xander cares more than he should...shit's gonna hit the fan when the news of what happened gets back to Sunnydale. I really could see this being continued, as Spike tries to court him and Xander is torn being resistance and surrender. Very well-done, overall.
6  Kris posted on Oct 8, 2004
I was really drawn into the story. It was Spike at his most Spike-ish. Not a rich guy in a tuxedo driving a jag or the perfect preppy boyfriend... it was the Spike we know and love with all his bad plans and screwed up attempts at love. So was Xander turned at the end or not? I couldn't quite tell. In my mind, I'm going with 'he was turned' to satisfy my depraved need for an unhappy ending.
5  Pez posted on Aug 12, 2004
I really loved this story. I got sucked into everything very easily. Is Spike off his head a la early season 7 or is he just messing with Xander? It didn't get into things too fast, which was good because a lot of stories jump into the action with no build-up. When it was revealed that Xander hadn't killed Spike, I gasped in relief. Honestly, stories with happy endings usually are a let down and tend to bore me but I really wanted it in this case. Congrats on an excellent story. Pez
4  connie posted on Jul 12, 2004
That was like one of the great old Twilight Zone episodes. I could see it filmed in black and white, two people trapped together in an immense landscape. And the questions: is Spike crazy? is there a way out? would Spike have only taken what he needed?

Yeah, to be utterly true to the angst, Xander should have torched Spike with the house, and the end scene goes long enough for the despair and bitterness to sink in. Thank you for not letting the despair rule.
3  Zyrya posted on Oct 18, 2003
Creepy, hypnotic, powerful ... all the hairs are standing up on the back of my neck. Lovely character studies; finely paced; interesting structure - circular narrative builds the suspense beautifully. I love the way you use just enough plot, without going to the usual lengths to set up the story or deal with the aftermath ... just dropping me into the main action and teasing the story out piece by piece and not dwelling on things that don't matter. I must confess I was almost disappointed by the happy ending. But then decided it could be Xander's hallucination of a happy ending as he died in the desert after no-one saw the signal fire. (And this was after crossing my fingers *for* a happy ending!) Thank you for a great fic.
2  DittoSpikette posted on Oct 16, 2003
Yeah, ditto to all that. Excellent. Dxxoo
1  MarcB posted on Oct 14, 2003
Beautifully written, loved the emotional intensity; the hanging on by the fingernails wondering what's going to happen, great description of sex between Spike and Xander--overall very hot, A++++

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