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5  Kristy posted on Mar 2, 2005
Wow. That was beautiful. I love your use of repetition.
4  the_NiTeS_GuRL posted on Nov 13, 2003
Oh my gosh, how sad :-(
3  Mouse posted on Oct 30, 2003
Nicely done.
2  natsing posted on Oct 29, 2003
wow- really lovely in a really sad way- great writing
1  Diva Stardust posted on Oct 29, 2003
Loved this, very poignant. You could really *feel* Spike's heartbreak and anguish at being de-invited, and just standing there in the doorway without being able to go in.

I especially loved that he felt the loss of Joyce and Dawn the most, of not being able to be with them.

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