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6  Ayrin posted on Oct 27, 2005
That one was *very* good. Wonderful language, beautiful story... what more can you ask? ;-)
5  Kristy posted on Jun 24, 2004
That was beautifully heartwrenching. Great writing.
4  chella posted on Mar 12, 2004
A really sweet and beautifull story. I loved it
3  SunnyD posted on Dec 12, 2003
Wow - beautiful and breathtaking - the switch of alliance from Buffy to Dawn - great imagry. Thank you.
2  rashaka posted on Dec 8, 2003
Tragic, but gorgeous.
1  soundingsea posted on Dec 8, 2003 |
This is a lovely piece; i got all choked up with Spike's grief. And I just love this line:

"Because the burden of love living is much lighter than the burden of love dying."

It speaks of the many ways love's never easy, even without death to get in the way. Lovely.

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