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10  Lani posted on Jun 2, 2014
9  eri posted on Oct 4, 2011
OH! SO GOOD!!! I wish it was longer and I was hoping for a sweet love scene but Spike is a man of principles... honorable but so sad for those of us who love this pairing. But hey, you can write a sequel based on the first time! :)
8  Xeelia posted on Mar 31, 2008
Amazing story! How long does he wait?
7  Burnz posted on May 5, 2007
I really liked your characterizations. Quite a moving bit of fic. Well done.
6  Sehena posted on Jan 3, 2007
Bravo! This fanfiction is certainly a masterpiece!
5  Caroline Levén posted on May 22, 2006 |
Beautiful. Poignant.
"he relented as the tears ran down his cheeks and bathed them both in sin and devotion"
That line is a piece of art. A wonderful way to end a wonderful story. I don't know how else to praise you than saying that this is great, I'm to touched right now to find adequat words.

Just beautiful.
4  Just this Girl posted on Nov 5, 2005
WOW i really enjoyed that, it kept me intersted until the very end. it was written wondefully. i just loved it from start to it's incrediable finish the words were put beautifully between the two characters. Very good job
3  maiea posted on Oct 14, 2003
beautiful, beautiful fic.
2  Diva Stardust posted on Oct 13, 2003
This was fantastic! I loved how you started the fic, with Spike realizing how he no longer missed Buffy and had moved on, so to speak.

I love the idea of Spike being the lock to Dawn's key and the kiss was wonderful. Sweet and beautiful, and the whole virgin sacrifice imagery with the virgin being happy instead of in pain was great.

And I especially loved these lines:

"It was there.

Between them.

As tenuous and fragile and easily torn as the sheet."
1  Kev posted on Oct 13, 2003
Not too shocking for me really, over here in England the legal age of consent is 16 anyway.
A relationship between a 26 yr old (Spikes physical age) and a 16 yr old would be frowned upon but legal.

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