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9  Gabriel Munoz posted on Jul 10, 2009
Hi ! I'm a French student and I loved your short story.
May I publish a translation into french of "Floppy girls" on the web ?
Thank you in advance.

8  Crystella posted on Feb 19, 2007
Truly awesome story. Worthy of Joss :-) Brilliant characterisation and it fit into the episode itself so well. I adored the lion story... reminded me of Life of Pi.
7  Meltha posted on Nov 27, 2006 |
Drusilla's voice is perfect in this, and that poor kid! An extremely creepy version of the trainride into Sunnydale, and one perfectly in keeping with the show.
6  shoeswithsoul posted on Aug 29, 2006
That was amazing. Dru was really in character and her story had me feeling sorry for her and being afraid of her at the same time. Great job!
5  perception posted on Feb 8, 2006
I adored Dru's story. I was happy to see her written so in charecter, and enjoyed the ending very much.
4  libraflyter posted on Oct 25, 2003
scary & spooky. but very well written
3  OneTwoMany posted on Oct 21, 2003
Dark, a little creepy, but oh so good. You write Dru beautifully - crazy, deadly and yet hauntingly innocent. Beautiful work.
2  Diva Stardust posted on Oct 18, 2003
Nicely dark. Loved Dru's story to the little girl and I could very much see this all happening on the train.
1  soundingsea posted on Oct 17, 2003 |
This made me shiver - and yet - Dru's story of the lion with ice in his brain, burning him every day, is so sad and sweet. She does indeed love quite well, if not wisely.

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