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6  MikkTorrent posted on Apr 5, 2004
very nice, i give it two snaps, in a circle :)
5  Jen posted on Oct 25, 2003
Nice little fic. I liked it a lot!!
4  Diva Stardust posted on Oct 20, 2003
A fantastic look inside Spike's head in the beginning of Season 7. I really loved how the story ended at the moment when he saw Buffy again in "Lessons".

There are so many lines I just adored in this, here are some of them:

"And he sees himself, taunting, a sarcastic smirk playing over his features, dangling sanity like a withered carrot in front of his own nose. Redemption? It's a figment of the imagination, something that now he knows to be unobtainable. So he spends all day staring at the ceiling, making friends with shadows on the wall, pools of utter blackness in the pervasive dark, and they chatter and gabble in his head and outside it, as soon as his back is turned."

"Even so, he can tell that it belongs to him, despite that it fit like a glove in days gone by and now chafes the creases of a hundred years in storage against his mind and heart."
3  petzipellepingo posted on Oct 18, 2003
Excellent job. I think you brought out the terror and uncertainty of Spike in the basement.
2  ascian posted on Oct 15, 2003
I really liked this. Got a soft spot for madness, and you did a fantastic job.
1  Estepheia posted on Oct 15, 2003 |
I LOVE this fic. I also like the song it's based on, and I have so far found three different Spike vids that use the song to great effect.
The story is touching and sad, beautifully written. Kudos!

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