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9  Belle posted on Oct 19, 2003
Short. Sweet. Yum.
8  Gazebo posted on Oct 13, 2003
This is very short, but it saids so much in between the lines of Buffy and Angel's feelings for Spike. Just lovely, absolutely lovely!
7  Vocca posted on Oct 12, 2003
Beautiful. Wonderful what you can do with 100 short words.
6  Rosie posted on Oct 12, 2003
A lovely twist on the perspective here, as it's rated S/B i though it was him speaking to Buffy at first.
I really like this. Very bittersweet.
5  Zyrya posted on Oct 12, 2003
Tender, bittersweet fragment which encapsulates Buffy and Angel's emotional distance from each other and from Spike. I like that it's not a full story ... I think it represents that Spike was only a small, peripheral part of Angel and Buffy's lives even though he wanted to be more (and deserved to be more).
4  Rashaka posted on Oct 11, 2003
I also really liked how you used the word "unbroken." At that time Spike was physicall broken, but not broken mentally, spiritually, and emotionally as he later came to be. Really rather poignant when you think of who did the breaking: fate, the military, and Buffy.
3  Rashaka posted on Oct 11, 2003
Nice and thoughtful. Kind of restrained, but in a good way, because it lets us think about it instead of having the ideas presented to us.
2  Nancy posted on Oct 11, 2003
Very interesting and deserves a full story.
1  Diva Stardust posted on Oct 11, 2003
I love the idea of Buffy getting a photo of Spike to keep and Angel being the one giving it to her. Plus, it being one of Spike during his pissed off, frustrated wheelchair days is icing on the cake!

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