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9  Highvalour posted on Jun 28, 2011
very good. All five are well written and well thought out.

In No.5, I wonder who attacked Dru first?
8  diettakramer posted on Jul 22, 2006
This was definitely the best Five Things... fic I've read, loved 'Bang a Gong' and 'Second Left From Valhalla.' Really great.
7  Pmacca01 posted on May 8, 2005 |
Holy crapola! That's one damn good fanfic! The ending is creepy.

Just wow.
6  Wravyn posted on May 18, 2004
Perhaps one of the best "Five Things" response I've read, and I've read a lot. Spike is written spot-on, and the vignettes are all supremely beleivable. I had to shudder at Anya's and Spike's first dilemma, and smile at the bittersweetness of their heaven. And that Spike/Dawn bit was possibly the hottest Spawn fic I've ever come across, made even better cause I bought it. More with the Anya and the Spike. More with the Dawn.

Lesley, you are just crazy good.
5  Fallowdoe posted on Oct 15, 2003
At turns both touching and disturbing. Wonderfully, wickedly subtle, the way you played with canon here. Thank you!
4  DebXena posted on Oct 12, 2003 |
Those were wonderful, and deeply satisfying. From the very beginning with your lovely title, right through lives-that-could-have-been, to the terrible end.

My favourite had to be Second Left From Valhalla. Anya's speech to Joyce was spot-on, and absolutely heart-wrenching.
3  Zyrya posted on Oct 12, 2003
Heaven onna stick. Deeply satisfying slants on what might have been, with lots of rich detail and spot-on characterisations. And oh, that ending! Delicious.
2  jen posted on Oct 12, 2003
I screamed at the end, too! Well, it was kind of a maniacal laugh, but still. Seriously, though, that was stunning. I adore how well you captured Anya's voice and for some reason the William part in the beginning made me cry. Very well done. Thank you.
1  Liz posted on Oct 11, 2003
Love it. LOVE. IT.

I screamed at the end. Holy crap.

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