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5  Gazebo posted on Oct 15, 2003
Charming! Just charming! I love the great Spike angst! I'm ready for more!
4  Jen posted on Oct 11, 2003
This is a good little fic. I think his best shot would be asking Fred...Frike and/or Spred is on our heels, baby.
3  petzipellepingo posted on Oct 11, 2003
Wow! I can so see Spike trying to pick up a phone and failing. You know not only could he not ask Angel but Harmony would never put the call through for him either.
2  Cindi posted on Oct 11, 2003
1  Diva Stardust posted on Oct 10, 2003
Heartbreaking. I love how this starts out with Spike just wanting to call her and how he can't even do something as little as that anymore.

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