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5  bogwitch posted on Nov 7, 2004 |
A nice piece of writing. Fred's revulsion is justified, but it says a lot for her character that she recognises the change in him and is still willing to help him (eventually), knowing what she knows.
4  JessAngel posted on Nov 2, 2003
Well done. I loved how you explored what would've happened if Fred had looked up Spike's file at Wolfram & Hart. Believable and well written. You did a terrific job exploring the aspects of Spike's past and also how even he deserves a second chance.

Write on!

Jess 0:o)
3  Andrea posted on Oct 19, 2003
I like how you unflinchingly address Spike's bloodthirsty past. I sympathized with the second slayer he killed in a way that I didn't quite feel in the past. She became a little less anonymous to me. I could feel the loss that her death represented for the world, not just as a slayer but for herself as a person and as a Mom (even if I still don't like what her son eventually tried to do to Spike in "Lies My Parents Told Me"!)

And at the same time, you still present Spike-with-a-soul as a sympathetic character. I agree, even saving the world can't completely wipe away Spike's past (unless you are a rigid adherent to the idea that any evil done without a soul simply doesn't count -- but if you ignore all the negative choices that a soulless being makes then you can't give any credit for the more positive choices a soulless entity makes either). And yet it still does count for something, and your story acknowledges that.

Please write more stories!
2  Diva Stardust posted on Oct 9, 2003
I can definitely see this being what happens after the episode. Exactly as how I see Fred reacting to Spike's past. Spike's casual acceptance of Fred's reaction and of who he was/is seems right on the money as well.

Great job!
1  lena posted on Oct 9, 2003
i appreciate a good fic that shows us what fred is thinking. thanks for writing

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