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7  The Lady Meow posted on Sep 1, 2009 |
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6  LizzieLou posted on Sep 12, 2004
Having read so much Spuffy I am now quite hard to please. This was really great. Just the right amount of adult content, but gallons of emotion. For Spike lovers everywhere, this rocked. Thank you!
5  Supergirl posted on Dec 30, 2003 |
i'd try to work a bit on those run-on sentances u've got going, and i agree with Zyrya on the 'why can't he bite her?' thing, but otherwise that was very nice

it was realy quite hot, but also i think u captured all the emotion very well. it rings very true to season 6, and to the characters in general. it was sad (especially buffy missing her mom), but in a pretty way. and also kinda nice and soothing in that small bit of comfort they're able to find in each other

i also really liked the Christmasy sentiment u had in the beginning, like spike having a tree and trying to hide it from buffy. that was very funny and cute
4  Zyrya posted on Dec 20, 2003
"He couldn’t really bite her, of course ...."

Why not?

This captures canon very well. I'd managed to wean myself off season 6 Spuffy and its a bit of a shock to be thrust back in it.
3  petzipellepingo posted on Dec 20, 2003
A really good look at the sad mess that was Season Six Spuffy. Buffy missing her Mom and just not knowing how to interact with anyone at all except Spike. Spike trying to comfort her and realizing that the only comfort she will accept from him is sex. Very nice.
2  Circe posted on Dec 19, 2003
Aww, Crystal, that was hot hot hot and very sweet. Yummy like candy canes.
1  fer1213 posted on Dec 19, 2003
So incredibly, wonderfully written. So very Spike and Buffy. Thank you.

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