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7  Diva Stardust posted on Oct 8, 2003
Oh, that was really beautiful. And I love the ending; it gives the story a sense of hope since before that you can feel aching loss and regret through every word.
6  Rashaka posted on Oct 7, 2003
OOOH!!! This looks like it needs more chapters, right quick!
5  natsing posted on Oct 7, 2003
I loved this fic- hauntingly sad, and beautifully written, your descriptions of Spike through Buffy's eyes are wonderful and you can't help but ache for her to find him under the rubble- well written!
4  blue_larkspur posted on Oct 7, 2003
Really enjoyed this. Buffy's thoughts and feelings are so raw and believable.
3  nmcil posted on Oct 7, 2003 |

These are just such wonderful lines - they describe so perfectly the relationship that might have been. Buffy's denial of Spike, even if her Hero's Journey demanded it, always leaves me with such a sense of loss for the un-fulfilled potential that their ultimate union. Your story really brings out that sense of loss.

A lovely piece of work.
2  ascian3 posted on Oct 7, 2003
Nice. Gorgeous use of language, desperate and sad.
1  bridget posted on Oct 7, 2003
Why do I read post-Chosen fic before heading to work? Shouldn't I know better by now? You've made me cry with your delicately chosen words and sharp delicious pain. Thank you. (And please, please let her find an amulet in the rubble with her Spike in it. She needs him.)

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