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2  Miss Murchison posted on Oct 5, 2003 |
What Diva said. I liked the way you showed that killing another vamp would be more meaningful to him.

And, yes, Spike's unlife is defined by the way he always winds up giving in too much to women.
1  Diva Stardust posted on Oct 3, 2003
This was wonderful! The story of the first vamp Spike killed is very unique and believable to boot. And I loved the beginning, of course, with Spike and Dawn. I really loved this part when Dawn was thinking about what Spike was:

"He was less like playing in the abandoned quarry and more like driving a stolen car with your eyes shut, drunk, using your feet to steer."

And I adored that moment when Dawn had the upper-hand in the coversation about what it would feel like to snuff out a vamp's life and how she actually made *Spike* shiver.

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