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8  Yvonne posted on Mar 19, 2009
Wow - what a great story - I loved every bit of it.
7  SÚverine posted on Oct 18, 2005
Sweet story ! Thank you!!!
6  cherylynn posted on Sep 19, 2005
Poor Buffy, Lucky Anne
5  Shadowscast posted on May 31, 2004
I enjoyed this story a lot! Anne's my favorite recurring minor character, and I love what you did with her. I like that in your story she and Buffy got to meet again (which they never did in canon, of course). Before I saw S5 I totally thought Spike would Shanshu and come to LA as a human, too. :) And your human Spike is an absolute sweetheart, in a totally believable way.
4  mary kirby diaz posted on Oct 24, 2003
Just want you to know that, even before I read this story, I had been hoping Joss Wheedon paired Spike with Anne this year!

Great minds think alike!
3  Andrea posted on Oct 19, 2003
I'm still a "Spuffy" fan above all, but I don't mind reading an occasional fic in which Spike pairs up with someone else as long as it's well-written and plausibly done. And this was certainly a nice, sweet story; I liked it.
2  Connie posted on Oct 5, 2003
Sorry, didn't like it. I am still in denial - I want Spike happy, but I want him happy with Buffy.
She may be a bitch but people change - Spike did. I am having a very hard time letting him be
with anyone else. Oh I know I need to grow up but I don't wanta!
1  Diva Stardust posted on Oct 4, 2003
What an unique pairing! One I never thought about before but makes perfect sense the way you write it. Especially nice considering their history, "Lie to Me" and how much they've changed since then.

Nice to see Buffy letting Spike go because she knows he's happy there and with Anne. Wonderfull, too, to see Spike choosing Anne.

Great story!

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