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22  lani posted on May 14, 2012
Great little series, sweet & steamy... more, please! Feeling like we're just hanging here!
21  alydhe posted on Jul 31, 2008 |
This is really good and very heartbreaking. I hope you don't just leave it there! Poor Xander never gets a happy ending! Him or Spike. Any chance you're aiming to fix that?
20  kaytee posted on Oct 11, 2007
awsome! amazing! more more more!!!!!
19  Brittani posted on Apr 13, 2007
OMFG that was so hot and there should be more,>>>> i was so dissappointed it ended like that. Damn please don't let it end like that. they need to get together and have hot bunny sex
18  GoddeesOffDeath posted on Mar 23, 2007
Omg so nice ^0^ , But plz dont let it end like that , just so sad!
17  emlou posted on Jan 14, 2007
nonononono!!! please dont let it end like that, i may cry, this series has so much going for it, the relationship and confusion is fantastic, please dont let this be the end!
16  perception posted on Jan 4, 2007
wow I hope thats not the end. Great story.
15  SLE posted on Oct 16, 2006
Is that it? That can't seriously be the end! There is so much going in this story, it can't just stop now!
14  Serinah posted on May 25, 2006
love the story. I want, I NEED to read a sequel. Please??? Can you at least answer and tell us poor readers if thre will be or maybe is somewhere a sequel???
13  StarTrekObsessed posted on Nov 14, 2005
OMGSH! THIS IS NOT THE END!!!! It bloody *can't* be! Pleeeeeeease say you're continuing! So lovely, and it's breakin my heart... poor Xander :( :( :(
12  Penny posted on Apr 3, 2005
Lovely series!
11  Linda Dahl posted on Mar 11, 2005
This story was Great! A real good and suspensed plot. But... you are going to write a sequal.. right? Please..?
10  Domaris posted on Nov 9, 2004
Oh dear lord, I want more! Are you still writing this series? I'm so in love with their interactions, and it fits so well with the action of season seven. Please continue.
9  Kimberly posted on May 29, 2004 |
I was just re-reading this series, and wasn't sure I'd ever actually given you feedback on it, and so decided to drop you a line. This is one of my favorite S/X stories, largely because I admire how you explore the thoughts and emotions of the characters, rather than simply describing their actions. It makes for a much more moving story, and I am always touched when I read this. I must admit, though, that I -- like many of your other readers -- got to the end of this and thought, "No! But Spike was so into Xander! What's really going on? Is he really with Buffy? What happened?!" I know it's been long enough since you wrote this that it's unlikely that you plan to continue it, but I'll continue to harbor some small hope that someday I'll re-read this and when I get to the end of "Everything Fades," there will be a link to another chapter. Because more of this just couldn't possibly be a bad thing. :)
8  Erin posted on Nov 15, 2003
The Anya part was absolutly HILLAROUS! "Were you masterbating?" Totally something Anya would ask. I REALLY need a happy ending to this, PLEASE write more, please? Xander and Spike are DROOLWORTHY and then putting them together is like double droolworthy.
7  Belinda posted on Nov 11, 2003
Please write more! This is a beautiful story, and I'm eager for a happily ever after ending.
6  MarcB. posted on Oct 20, 2003
agghh!! Don't leave us hanging. Great story and honest characterizations of Spike and Xander. Love the chemistry between the two, please bring them back together! sob.
5  Belle posted on Oct 19, 2003
Damn Anya! Okay I need more, you must write more!
4  essene posted on Oct 14, 2003
Oh, oh my. What a stupendous amount of heat these 2 generate! Stupid Anya, calling for that. Get thee to thy man Xander! Eagerly awaiting your next installment.
3  Diva Stardust posted on Oct 3, 2003
Oh dear, my heart is breaking for poor Xander. Great Xander voice as usual and I continue to love how you're working this into canon.
2  DittoSpikette posted on Oct 1, 2003
Excellent. :) There's going to be more? Dxxoo
1  Zyrya posted on Oct 1, 2003
Ohhh. Oh, am all soggy-eyed now.

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