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14  Chariot Driver posted on Feb 19, 2006
My God! MY GOD! .. I loved it.. Fantastic.. Thank you.!
13  Rhiannon posted on Aug 14, 2005
wow that was such an amazing story. i cant believe how much you actually portrayed the true nature of the situation between Spike and Buffy so well. umm keep it up because it is so thrilling to read.
12  Tasha posted on May 21, 2005
Wow. That's a really great story, sad yet true. It was very beautiful. You finally gave Spike a voice. It was wonderful.
11  Danielle posted on Jan 3, 2004 |
I thought this fic was amazing, thank you so much for sharing it.
10  natsing posted on Dec 15, 2003
This fic is moving, dark and beautiful, I really got a feel for Spike during S6, that the programme never really showed us, and well written as well
9  Carlene posted on Dec 14, 2003
Buffy wasn't wearing the cross that Angel gave her in all. She wore a diamond horseshoe necklace.
8  OneTwoMany posted on Dec 13, 2003 |
What a impressive and darkly intoxicating fic - beautifully written, and very true to the spirit of season 6 Spuffy.
7  Cyn posted on Dec 13, 2003
Well, that was simply gorgeous. Lyrical and excruciating. Well done!
6  mel posted on Dec 13, 2003
this really is a wonderfully done fic. there are so many passages that ring true. you really managed to caputure the essence of what that relationship was to Spike. deftly written.
5  Lisa posted on Dec 13, 2003
Wow... what a great Spuffy fic. Me... I loathe Spuffy with the fiery passion of ten thousand burning suns, but surprisingly, I still enjoyed your fic. Love the insightful-ness of it. The depth of Spike's emotions towards Buffy and is inner struggle he has for letting her use him so.
4  heath posted on Dec 13, 2003
very nice. too many people write a fic where everything turns out fine, but they dont explore the characters thoughts or feelings. kudos.
3  Pipergirl posted on Dec 13, 2003
Brilliantly written, beautiful piece of work! I'm not usually one for dark or angsty fics but this one's done so well I couldn't stop reading it. Very well done :)
2  Demeter posted on Dec 13, 2003
I've already read this one quite some time ago elsewhere and it's still one of the most moving S6 Spuffy fics I know, so I'm glad it's finally made it to this archive. Beautifully sad...

"but he continues because of what he told her lover once, that it would be better to be near her and not part of her heart than not near her at all. He's still waiting to feel that."
1  petzipellepingo posted on Dec 13, 2003
Jesus! This is brilliant especially the line "his love for her brought up more terror than he had ever experienced".

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