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8  V. posted on Nov 30, 2009
I read your fanfiction "Getting Lost" and I must say that I love it, it is quite realistic and, yes it is Buffy, her feelings are really well written.
I wondered if I could translate your story (in French), I would of course credit, but I would be happy to post it for some French friends.
Anyway, thank you for writing it, and... it's great !

PS: I tried to e-mail you, but I could not so...
7  Kristen posted on Nov 17, 2004
6  Andrea posted on May 29, 2004
Nicely done, and plausible, thank you.
5  The Final Girl posted on Mar 28, 2004
That was lovely. I love how you added to canon without going too far away from it. In fact, in my mind that's exactly how it happened. Well done.
4  reese posted on Feb 13, 2004
Yes. This is *exactly* how it happened. Nicely done.
3  jayneanne posted on Feb 13, 2004
Lovely piece of fiction. Really, really believable. Can imagine it happening. Great!
2  spikeschocolateboo posted on Feb 12, 2004
yep, i think you pretty much nailed it!
beautifully rendered, sensitive and haunting...
1  SDWolfpup posted on Feb 11, 2004
Very believable look at Buffy's feelings. Some heartbreaking stuff in there; sometimes I forget how hard it was for her in those first months. Thanks for sharing.

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