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11  Nancy posted on Feb 28, 2005
Very Good.
10  claudia_yvr posted on Oct 24, 2003
I loved this, especially all the little nuances that were poignant without being melodramatic. I also have a tremendous soft spot where Spike is concerned, which is I particularly like him with Tara. Many thanks for sharing!
9  Diva Stardust posted on Oct 20, 2003
Great fic! I loved the way you developed Spike's friendships between Dawn and Tara. Spike's feelings about being blind seemed right on the money.

Lots of sweet moments without being sentimental. I especilly loved the moment where Dawn said she would miss him and Spike asked if she would come over tomorrow.
8  yvonne posted on Oct 18, 2003
Great story - everyone, every situation every word of dialogue rang true.And my two favorite characters becoming friends - what could be better.
7  The Resa posted on Oct 16, 2003
Like this one aswell. Characters ring true. Don't like sappy-fied Spike, thus am very happy with the one you give us. Crafty plotting. Looking forward to reading more of your work!
6  Estepheia posted on Oct 16, 2003
Fun. I am a sucker for friendship fics and h/c, so this was a real treat.
5  defeduck posted on Oct 1, 2003
This is a good story. Good style of writing. Very organised. I enjoyed it a lot. It makes you feel that you want to have more stories like this. Keep up the good work! Regards.
4  Marianne posted on Sep 30, 2003
Really enjoyed this. I like the way you have written Spike as a vampire and not at all human. The interaction with Tara & Dawn rang true - hope you write another story soon!
3  Night Nymph posted on Sep 30, 2003 |
Very well written. I liked how the rapport between Tara and Spike grew so believably. And it was especially nice to have some friendly Spike and Dawn interaction again.
2  Rashaka posted on Sep 29, 2003 |
A nice, strongly written story. I can't find any fault with it. Your characterizations are right on pitch for the timeline, your dialogue is good, and your descriptions smooth. Strong narrative, and the whole thing had an episodic feel, as if it could have happened within canon. Great job!
1  Mar ala posted on Sep 29, 2003 | Http
I injoyed this short story so much.Buffy still is the B---- But it was so nice to see Dawn & Tara form a very strong bond with Spik!'It was so lovely.

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