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22  Helen posted on Apr 11, 2006
Beautiful. this made me cry and smile. So simple. So beautiful. So wonderful.

21  Mary posted on Apr 1, 2006 |
I'm not sure how I've missed this for so very long, but time hasn't diminished it.



Thank you.
20  CJ posted on Jan 27, 2006
Well, this one made me smile AND made me teary-eyed. Simply beautiful!
19  nice posted on Jan 26, 2005
that was beautiful
18  Xaara posted on Jul 2, 2004
Sweet, subtle, and so fitting. What a perfect memorial to the dead and all that they stood and fought for.

Stories like this one remind me of why I love fan fiction. This is the epilogue that could never appear onscreen, but provides a closure that Buffy deserves.

Wonderful job.
17  yvonne posted on Oct 23, 2003
Magic - pure magic. I have read the other reviews, but this didn't make me teary. It made me smile. Lovely story. Thank you for posting.
16  hold_that_thought posted on Oct 6, 2003 |
I've read this fic a few times now, and it always makes me tear up. Beautiful, subtle, not a word wasted, and a beautiful tribute to the show and the characters who died along the way. Just stunning.
15  gwendolenau posted on Sep 28, 2003
Another teary-eyed reader here. Thankyou. As others have said, your choice of flowers for each character was perfect.
14  blue_larkspur posted on Sep 26, 2003
This is lovely. Such a wonderful ending to imagine. I liked that Cordy and Miss Calendar were included too. Golden poppies seem just right for Spike. Thank you.
13  lena posted on Sep 25, 2003
i love bittersweet shorts. thanks for writing
12  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 24, 2003
Just the kind of sweetness I needed this morning. Thank you. Had me crying.
11  teresa posted on Sep 23, 2003
Mweeaaah! You made me all teary. That was gorgeous.
10  Magan posted on Sep 23, 2003
Oh wow. This is a great fic. Had tears in my eyes.
9  Kristen posted on Sep 23, 2003
Beautiful! Put tears in my eyes. Thanks!
8  Kate posted on Sep 23, 2003
Even more touching the second time around. Brought tears to my eyes. A really gorgeous tribute to some wonderful characters (and show) all around. Thanks.
7  isa posted on Sep 23, 2003
really really good short--poignant and with a single note to sing--very well done short
6  Maggie posted on Sep 23, 2003 |
Amazing. Poppies are perfect, as is jasmine. Just wonderful. I bet it felt fantastic to write this. You're incredible.
5  marion posted on Sep 23, 2003
yes, yet another reader with tears in her eyes - I can hardly see the keyboard. Wonderful story so well written and so descriptive. Thank you.
4  Crystal posted on Sep 23, 2003 |
I'm a little teary. Lovely little story. The flowers you picked for each person were just perfect. Thank you for this.
3  Eve McCarthy posted on Sep 23, 2003 |
Ohmy. That was beautiful. So different from any of the other post-Chosen fics I've read.

And it may be because I'm very tired, but it made me cry unexpectedly.

Wonderful job!
2  Connie posted on Sep 23, 2003
I hate crying because of fan fiction stories. Feel like such an idiot. Very good and thank you.
(She says with tears in her eyes)
1  jen posted on Sep 23, 2003
So sweet. Thank you.

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