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8  botias posted on Jul 13, 2007
I laughed til I did that thing where I opened my eyes rly wide and didn't blink. :)

Loved the sid-vicious-oscar-wilde act of 1919
7  NG posted on Jul 12, 2007
That was great. I think you should get drunk often. I really loved it.
6  Jessi posted on Oct 3, 2005
Oh. My. God. That is absolutely hilarious I could really not stop laughing the whole way through!! I can't wait to go read your other fics; may be your first parody but it is perfect!!! So so good!!!
5  lena posted on Feb 28, 2004
that was funny. some lines mademe laugh aloud, but i smiled throughout. thanks for the funny, valerie.
4  alyssa posted on Aug 9, 2003 |
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! normally i would be furiously indignant at the thought of someone dissing BTVS but this was so great! please excuse me while i read every single one of your other fics.
3  Doxen posted on May 1, 2003
OMG! That was the funniest thing ever! I am so sick of Angst already. And wow, his british slang did suck!
2  Tubuhlupagus posted on Apr 13, 2003
I normally don't leave feedback! BUT YOUR STORY WAS HILARIOUS... Especially the scenes with willow being addicted to EVERYTHING... I just wanted to say thanks for the GREAT read...
1  sweetiegrrl posted on Sep 22, 2002
God, if there is any fic author that can literally make me laugh out loud at every single one of their fics, it's you Valerie. First The Summit, now this. Can't wait to read the next parody, 'cause seriously, you're like a god when it comes to the funny.

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