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6  Andrea posted on May 25, 2004
Neat idea. I had always assumed Spike was unusual in part because William was so sensitive and passionate before he was turned. Reading your story makes me consider other possibilities, and also makes me want to read more about "poor Spilossch" both before and after being integrated with William :-)

Please do consider writing more stories in general
5  Ebs posted on Oct 11, 2003
Well - that really was fun. Just...neat.
4  DittoSpikette posted on Oct 11, 2003
That was unusual...pretty good actually.
Ditto xxoo
3  Pseusan posted on Oct 10, 2003
Wonderful idea! William has been thoroughly explored, but poor Spilossch has been sadly neglected. Thanks for providing some much needed insight....
2  natsing posted on Oct 10, 2003
loved it- quirky and definately individual
Keep on writing you have a great imagination
1  Diva Stardust posted on Oct 10, 2003
This was so wonderfully unique! I love the idea of the demon that gets put inside you once you're vampred having a whole nother life before that. Wonderful.

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