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5  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 20, 2003
I think you did the sci-fi very well! I really liked finding out what had happened at the end. Finding out he'd been there for Dawn until she died which was heartbreaking and then the earth being gone, etc.
4  Lisa posted on Sep 17, 2003
Good story. I like science fiction too. Liked the use of the chip on the vamp crew. Pseudo-blood - interesting concept. I liked that the reader doesn't find out the time frame until the end.
3  natsing posted on Sep 17, 2003
I like this fic a lot- its got a really clever S/F premise, but its still the vamp we know and love- excellent piece
2  DebXena posted on Sep 16, 2003 |
Intruiging premise - I would be interested in reading more, actually. Well written and a good read.
1  Caille posted on Sep 15, 2003
What a great glimpse into a plausible post-post Buffyverse! This was intriguing.

I think I'd prefer that we didn't actually get the ensign's direct POV - maybe Spike could simply read her thoughts from her expression and body language. But that's a minor detail. Thanks for an interesting bit of fic!

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