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20  red_satin_doll posted on Nov 13, 2012 |
Oops, where are my manner? I forgot to mention that I came here on a rec from petzipellepingo on LJ
19  red_satin_doll posted on Nov 13, 2012 |
I'm not sure I can add to HV & M Phoenix's reviews - I love Buffy, and S6 is my favorite on an emotional level because I connect to it more deeply than any other season. I agree with M Phoenix that you have a DEEP understanding of the 'verse. And, of Buffy, and that's important to me. She's the character I connect with the most from S5 onward, and it's wonderful to find a fic that really gets who she is at that moment - sad, scared, screwed up, proud, trying her best to get from one day to the next. You understand her depression, why she feels the way she does - the Crucible metaphor is wonderfully used in this story, and the fact that she would read the Cliff notes but still manage to draw on the metaphor fits Buffy perfectly.

I'm a newbie to the Buffyverse this year, but watching the show I felt that she had genuine feelings of affection and even love for Spike that season, even if she couldn't say it or even understand it. (And conversely, that Spike's saying "I love you/I'm in love with you" in S6 isn't the end all and be all, it isn't enough to say the word "love".) In this fic you really build a true portrait of her headspace - and the mood swings seem so right for the two of them, the bickering, the insults, the jokes. That's who they are and part of why I love them, and you capture that here.

And, I have a "kink" for fics that address Buffy's financial situation in a realistic way; M.E. really fumbled the ball on that subject on the show. The part about Willow in Chapter 1 is well-imagined and realistic.
18  Sally posted on Aug 1, 2012
This is awesome! Thanks so much for writing! You totally got the characters.
17  sam posted on Mar 30, 2012
I have to tell you, that is one of the very best fics I have read in a lonnngggg time. I had tears as I giggled loudly (my husband frowning at my sudden outburst) at the scanner part. I thank you for giving me the oportunity to read it. You managed to caputure them and do them both justice without taking away who they really are as characters.
16  aj posted on Dec 24, 2011
This was perfect and lovely. I just stumbled upon it and read it. Thank you!
15  Adrienne88 posted on Oct 26, 2010
This is perfect.
14  HV posted on Jun 9, 2010
I saw this rec'd somewhere and gave it a try... Despite never before having read a longer- than-blurb length fic that wasn't mediocre at best.

This is far from mediocre. It fit the mood of S6 without being a rehash, and was completely believable from all three characters. People who hated season 6 would probably stop doing so if they read this... It gets into Buffy's head. SMG's a gteat actress, but it's tough to act the nothing of depression.

Also, all the Spike stuff was amazingly spot-on, espeecially with the whole "I wouldn't love you any other way" stuff.

Will be reading this again.
13  TwilightChild posted on Jul 31, 2007
Lol! I love it! Absolutely adore it! You've got the characters spot on, you could have written for the show. Their arguments are deliciously fun to watch, especially when staying on the playful side.
12  Ilyria posted on Nov 21, 2006
I couldn't stop laughing... And I was in the library, so... You got their voices precisely right. :-)
11  M Phoenix posted on May 25, 2006
That was a beautifully realised might have been that actually fits perfectly into S6. Loved the sudden yet natural swings from comedy to tragedy, the deep understanding you clearly have of the 'verse and of these two characters shone through in every line. I even teared up at one point. And this fic contains some of the best snarking I've read ina long time. I hardly ever read B/S, I more with the B/F love, but finding this was an unexpected pleasure. Thank you.
10  blue eyes posted on Jan 31, 2006
I just recently found this site, and I'm so glad I did. Your story was beautifuly written, and very believable as a Buffy episode. Does Joss know about you and your skills? Well Done! Can't wait to read your other stories.
9  dawnroberts posted on Aug 21, 2005
Wow. That was, sad, gutwrenching, and gigglefest-causing in one fell swoop. and is Tropwen (as in the demon) being Newport backwards just a major coincidence, or just brilliant use of the "spell things backwards" technique Joss had spoke about? lol
8  femmenerd posted on Aug 5, 2005 |
I happened upon this by chance when I followed a rec to one of your other stories. For some reason, when I saw the blurb about Buffy and Spike at the supermarket, I thought, "That's something I want to see." And I'm glad I did. Loved the characterizations and the kind of easy, subtle narrative flow where we were going somewhere the whole time but I didn't realize it till we were there and then it was the end. Lovely.
7  rosiew posted on May 16, 2005
Perfect! I was in laughing fits at the end, angry and sad and enlightened in the middle and depressed at the start. Perfect. So excellently done. Loved your charcteraztion. great work.
6  Lyssa posted on Apr 20, 2005
Loved your story!
5  maddeinin posted on Nov 11, 2004
Beautiful and touching and funny and... Really, it keeps it together while making you feel more for Buffy than you ever did during S6. Or me at least.
4  Tiffany posted on Apr 21, 2004
It was a perfect touching story. Very humorous in areas with abit of everything else combined. Making a story that I would re over and over again. Very well done with the characters. Truely loved the story. You definatly made me a fan.
3  Xionin posted on May 11, 2003
This story was recommended to me and I have to say I am very glad it was. Wonderfully done. I laughed. I cried. I re-read certain sections.

Thanks for writing it!
2  Karen T posted on Apr 13, 2003
Well done .. very touching
1  Jane Davitt posted on Mar 6, 2003 |
I've heard about this fic and when I found it here, I sat down to read it at once. Loved it. So normal and yet not, so romantic without being slushy, so hot and yet still focusing in on the vampire bit. Very touching, very funny. I felt for Buffy in a way that the show never made me feel when she was going through all the trials of S6.

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