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7  jayneanne posted on Mar 9, 2004
Lovely fic. Sweet & sad.
6  Kookie posted on Mar 8, 2004 |
Sooo good. Never knew something that short could be so good, but it was. I like how its just getting into the point when he's dreaming, and then it suddenly changes so it makes you sort of wince when you read it. Very cool!
5  Vocca posted on Mar 8, 2004
*cough* Make that 180 words. I'm a little myopic today.
4  Vocca posted on Mar 8, 2004
Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. You captured it perfectly in just 100 words.
3  Nikki posted on Mar 8, 2004
Aw, that was SO good. ::claps:: I'm sure he felt like that sometimes.
2  patti posted on Mar 8, 2004
Sweet little piece - just the right amount of angst. I loved it.
1  Julie posted on Mar 8, 2004 |

This brought tears to my eyes, especially Spike's dream about Buffy promising to be his forever. I only wish... Lovely, lovely little piece - thank you!

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