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7  Slayergirl posted on Mar 23, 2005 |
This was lovely - I've read it before, but hadn't realised I hadn't reviewed it! Sorry, making up for that now - a lovely piece of tenderness. I love your work! (So much I actually wrote a fic inspired by your 'Day 138'!)
6  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 20, 2003
Love your descriptions in here, especially of Spike's hands.
5  Zyrya posted on Sep 16, 2003
A lovely bit of tenderness ... thank you.
4  frella posted on Sep 15, 2003
how cute....oo i love it
3  Kristen posted on Sep 15, 2003
That was nice. So poignant and beautiful.
2  Nikki posted on Sep 15, 2003
Awesome! That was so great.
1  Susan posted on Sep 15, 2003
Just when I think I'm over Spuffy, you pull me back in! Sniffle...

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