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6  Lani Akers posted on Oct 7, 2013
Beautiful portrayal of violent grief. Wish there could have been more solace.
5  ae posted on Jul 11, 2007
Blessed virgin,I am sitting here,just trying to breathe after reading your story. I am a tenderhearted person, can't stand to hurt or see anything hurt and yet I read your story twice, holding my breath both times. I have always loved Spike, loved his cruelty and his kindness--never much cared about Angel after the second time I saw him. My poor boys, my devastated darling ones, your shocking story, true in mindset and oceanic pain--I can see them, hear, taste,smell them--powerful stuff. I rather don't think that men feel so powerfully as we, maybe vamps are more in touch with the female side of their nature. Damn children, I wish I could sit and talk with you about this--scary, dynamic mourning--as though by doing this they could find some solace/freedom from...jeez, Spike taking Dawn to absolutely gutting--creates this huge hole in my chest to read this. You got it right--whatever this is you got it so very completely right--can't even weep--I can only go on tomorrow, knowing there was this kind of grief. Thank you I think, fair winds
4  Shea posted on Dec 10, 2006
Describe it in one word? Hmmm...
Also, I just don't get it. Spike and Angel are not gay because I will some day marry Spike.
No offense to you, just your bad writing skills.
3  Jordan posted on Sep 18, 2005
I really, really loved that. Really.
2  scarlett posted on Apr 17, 2004
Agreed, beautiful, yet disturbing. It really draws you into their grief.
1  Estepheia posted on Sep 26, 2003
Beautiful language.
However, Angel's epiphany at the end was too twisted to make no real sense to me.
I loved the sad and desolate atmosphere.

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