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7  artemis posted on Nov 21, 2005
i dont even know what to was so beautiful and poetic. the insight you show into these characters is incredible. if i didn't love angel before, i love him now. i mourn for him and cry and ache and want to make everything better for him. thank you for writing this. it touched me so deeply.
6  Ayrin posted on Nov 12, 2005
*That* was beautiful. I agree with Brandi, that part is a clear favourite.
Good pickings of characters to represent the seasons, Spike works surprisingly well as summer, and Buffy feels very true as at least Angels spring.
5  cuthullu posted on Apr 8, 2005
Oh my! That was absolutely wonderful. The way you capture the pain and anguish, the sheer sense of loss, breath taking! The comparison between Angel and Spike was a marvelous touch!

Poetic beauty for all to read.
4  Brandi posted on Sep 20, 2003
"But nothing has ever *changed*. He leaves countries and friendships, continents and lovers, and he is still in the same place. Always surrounded by bespectacled Englishmen with the hearts of poets, dark haired Seers, and small, blond women who kiss him and kill him and damn him to Hell."

3  Valkyrn posted on Sep 19, 2003
This one has been my absolute favorite for quite a while. Thank you for posting it again. Pure poetry, and the insight about Spike touches me in ways you cannot imagine.
2  Stef posted on Sep 19, 2003
This left me breathless, just lovely and poetic. I especially enjoyed Spike as Summer and Buffy as Spring. Not what I'd expected. but you made it work.
thanks for posting it here!
1  jen posted on Sep 19, 2003
There are really no words to describe the beauty of this piece. I cried, I smiled, I bled. God, this is gorgeous. Thank you so much.

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