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11  Judy posted on Apr 29, 2005
This one makes me hurt. Glad its finished
10  kristy posted on Oct 12, 2004
Oh my God. It's the best I've ever read. HOrrible and despairing and utterly what I LOVE about Spike and Buffy.

9  flippykitten posted on Sep 11, 2004
Brilliant. The emotion that this story brings to the fore is amazing. Thank you for writing it.
8  gazebo posted on Mar 8, 2004
Oh, God. There is such an air of despair in the writing of this fic that it became harder and harder for me to finish reading this. It's brilliant, it's disturbing, it's too damn dark. I'll never read this again.
7  Emmy posted on Jan 23, 2004
I dodn't have time to go through and read this whole fic, I will sometime. But, I did read the ver end, the last few paragraphs, and they were great. From what I can tell, you're a great writer.
6  spuffy4evr posted on Dec 18, 2003
This was a fic that made me wince in some places. But it was real, and that's really what matters, right? Why would anyone want to waste their time on anything fake.
5  VictoriaCatLady posted on Dec 12, 2003
Whoa. Just whoa. Being Spike is harder than I ever realized. And being Buffy ain't easy either. Good writing.
4  Kara posted on Nov 29, 2003
I like this -- I can really feel the pain and darkness that every one was going through following Buffy's death. Reading it while listening to Josh Groban makes it even more heartwrenching.
3  lena posted on Nov 27, 2003
This fic is dark and realistic. I really felt like I was in Buffy and Spike's relationship for 20 minutes.
2  heather posted on Nov 26, 2003 | none
i write a lot of spuffy fanfics, and not even i know how to capture the wild side of spike like you do. wish people would stop writing so much love bullshit and start writing that actually SOUNDS like it could ever happen. that SOUNDS like buffy and spike. because you get that. know it sounds cheesey, but bravo.
1  efi posted on Nov 25, 2003
Great work, it really gets you, but it's a bit too dark for my taste, but then also was kafka.

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