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8  Lani posted on May 12, 2012
So sweet... Xander and Spike are indeed the ones who seem to long the most for being wanted, connected, valued. I find a lot of the Spander stories difficult to believe because of how much enmity they have for each other in the show, but this story (with its prequel) worked for me. Nicely done!
7  MooseThatBite posted on Jun 13, 2009
6  Des posted on Mar 25, 2008
This is so fucking good!! i love it!!! i did read 'Predatory Acts' but i didn't post a review, sorry. but i love this! it's so good! i loved how you wrote this! how everyone was still in character and not OOC, the tempo of it EVERYTHING!
5  M posted on Dec 15, 2007
Years later and its still just as good. At least the second, maybe third time I've read this and I still love it.


4  Jen posted on Dec 11, 2005
This is Great! I think I've read it about five times already and it keeps getting betting. I am sorry if I haven't reviewed before now - I can only point to late nights as an excuse. I usually grab onto this fic to make me feel better after a bad day and it's usually so late I can't see straight by the time I'm done.

Keep up the great work! Please!
3  Miss Murchison posted on Nov 27, 2005 |
Exquiste writing. I'm sorry it took me so long to find this one! The characterizations and the story made it so much more than just a sexy fic, but it was also incredibly hot.
2  Megg posted on Dec 22, 2003
Really enjoyable read. Liked the tie-ins with Joss' plots. Relationship between Xander and Spike was delicious!
1  devi posted on Sep 16, 2003
Predatory Acts and Preying on my Mind--incredible storytelling, LOVED every succulent word!! Perfect characterizations of Spike, Xander and Giles. Dialogue, timing, descriptions--everything about this fic was sharply defined, attention grabbing and bright-- great, nummy love scenes too. Nice twist of the plot with the hyena spirit returning and everything involved there with Giles.
I love Xander and Spike together, would've made much more of a compelling relationship than the ones I saw on the tv screen.
Thanks for the great tale.

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