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5  gabrielleabelle posted on Sep 30, 2011
This was lovely. Thanks. :)
4  karen posted on Oct 6, 2004
Ahhh... my two favorite boys written as my two favorite boys! As always, anything with your name on it is worth reading. Thanks.

3  Sandy posted on Sep 13, 2003
Once again you've delved into the relationship of Spike and Angel and given us wonderful insights. And at only 100 words each, masterfully.
2  gazebo posted on Sep 10, 2003
I've read this about three times now. I'm not sure why I like this so much, I kinda think it's really smutty and kind of disgusting. Maybe it's because I admire the writer's imagination of the deep, dark, sexual bond between Angel and Spike.
1  sig35 posted on Sep 9, 2003
absolutely lovely

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