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4  abbylee posted on Sep 21, 2003
LOL! Oh, that gave me a good laugh. Not much point in being in fandom if you can't have fun with the characters, now is there?
Thanks :D
3  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 20, 2003
Well, I unfortunatey didn't get to see "Stunt Cocks" but I still thought this was hilarious! Just the whole premise alone is enough to make you fall off your chair laughing and I loved Spike mentioning that he ate James Dean.
2  Nan posted on Sep 7, 2003 |
You've convinced me: NO way is Spike gonna offer this to Riley/Buffy as an explanation. No way is he gonna admit to it in any way, shape, or form!
1  Beamer posted on Sep 6, 2003

I hadn't caught this on LJ.

The eggs! The eggs and the Doctor! and that explanation that we never got. I have decided that this is canon. Not even The great and powerful Joss could convince me otherwise.

Fabulous, as always my dear.

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