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22  Amy posted on Jan 5, 2007 |
I don't usually read anything but Spuffy. I was intrigued by your synopsis, though. Very well done, there was definately some Spike/Fred chemistry. As Carin says, Spike needs someone to love him.
21  Sock Monkey posted on Oct 22, 2004
Thank you for another wonderful bit of Spred; as always, you did a great job of demonstrating how right these two characters are for each other.
20  Rhonda posted on Oct 2, 2004
I love this story. Its great. You should write some more.
19  Carin posted on Oct 25, 2003
Simply beautiful.
There's something genuine and beautiful btw the 2 of them and thanks for showing how much Spike needs someone to love him.
It makes me sad thinking about him and Buffy.
I was moved by your story. Very few fics actually move me. I just have to say, good job.
18  Julie posted on Oct 25, 2003
amazing, I love it
17  Aria posted on Oct 23, 2003
LOVED it! You are so talented, keep it up!
16  Yoli posted on Oct 22, 2003
That was so good! I'm really fellin the whole Spike/Fred thing. Keep it up.

15  posted on Oct 22, 2003
That was so good! I'm really fellin the whole Spike/Fred thing. Keep it up.

14  Shannon posted on Oct 16, 2003 | sweet. I really liked it. I'm not a Fred/Spike shipper yet...but I really did enjoy this.
13  spikesplacee posted on Oct 14, 2003
really sweet and sensual. i'm liking the idea of spred more and more. the chemistry is perfect: fred, the buttoned down, geeky "good girl" and our boy, doing what he does best...
truth be told, spred just might give spuffy a run for the
12  Jonah posted on Oct 8, 2003 |
Yknow I really DO think Spred could work. Their contrasting personalities would be SO cute. I can already imagine Spike trying to act irritated by Fred's coddling. *-* I loved this fic, and I really hope the couple happens (even though, in shows like Angel and Buffy, couples NEVER stay together). But I really think Spike deserves someone who really truly loves him, and Fred could SO do it. I only hope that if they DO do Frike, that they don't screw it over with Spike doing something stupid or in general, really. -_-;
11  Demeter posted on Sep 28, 2003
Buffy X, I think this is my favorite Spred fic so far! What a contrast to Spuffy - and in a good way! I'm glad you're letting them take it slow, it's very believable (not to mention sweet) that way...
10  Fallowdoe posted on Sep 6, 2003
Very sweet moment you captured there-- I think it makes a great case for how well this pairing could play on screen. You did it justice with your delicate wording and the sense of honest feeling it portrayed.
9  Glovechicken posted on Aug 25, 2003
Well, SOMEONE'S a real spoiler whore! Not like that's a bad thing, though. ^_^

Fantastic work. I love your vivid imagery and great characterization, as well as your very intelligent dialogue. I'm really starting to get into the Spike/Fred (Spred? Frike?) relationship, thanks to pieces like this.
8  shipperxphile posted on Aug 25, 2003
Quite lovely. Good work.
7  yvonne posted on Aug 25, 2003
Yeah, well, now spoiled for season 5, but soooo worth it. What a beautiful story. I think I may just go back and read it again. Thank you for sharing your talent.
6  Tori posted on Aug 25, 2003
Woohoo. Bring on Spred, hell, even bring on Ghost!Spike if it means I get to read fic where Spike's finally making a place for himself, somewhere. Good story. The fic makes me terribly hyper for this new season of Angel.
5  meagan a posted on Aug 25, 2003 | `````````
it was good reading and thats all i have to say.
4  JaundicedEye posted on Aug 25, 2003
I hope you have prophetic powers. Spike needs so badly to love someone worthy and for that someone to love him back. You've done a fine job in writing about that possibility. A lovely story.
3  Pipergirl posted on Aug 25, 2003
Wow. Such a well-written story. I think that with stories as good as this, the 'Spred' idea might grow in popularity...

Good job!
2  jen posted on Aug 25, 2003
If I wasn't a Spred before, I sure am now. Great story. Thanks so much!
1  Julie posted on Aug 25, 2003
That was a realy beautiful story!
Spred is a great coupel!

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