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12  GRiFfiN posted on Jun 11, 2005 | Gothika
That was so hilarious! i didn't really get the end though- was Buffy talking in her sleep or summit and Spike heard what she was dreaming about?
11  amanda posted on Jul 13, 2004
BRILLIANT!!!!! That was great!!
10  DittoSpikette posted on Apr 7, 2004
Excellent. Dxxoo
9  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 19, 2003
Hee! That was hilarious! Wonderful Angel & Spike banter, and I loved Angel mocking Spike's dirty talk. This line really had me laughing:

"Think two big lions, with really shiny belts."
8  frella posted on Aug 21, 2003
omglol lol lol i cant belive that was sooo great! man ionlye could of seen this that would of made my year
7  meagan a posted on Aug 21, 2003 | -------------------------
why that was... um.. interesting. peverted but in a good way, if thats even possible.
i liked it!!!!
6  Richess posted on Aug 21, 2003 |
Absolutely the best Spike/Angel fic ever! And I don't even like Spike/Angel fics but I absolutley LOVED this one it is just too funny and I love the insults it just sounds like them.
5  petzipellepingo posted on Aug 21, 2003
I almost fell off my chair at this one. Bwah and double bwah! Estepheia was right, they should film this one and show it every Christmas. Heeh.
4  jen posted on Aug 21, 2003
What a great story. Characterization couldn't be better. Perfect and hilarious. Thank you!!
3  sockkpuppett posted on Aug 21, 2003
hee hee hee hee hee heee I read this before (on LJ? maybe?), and it just gets funnier over time. Why? It *sounds* so much like they do. I can hear it. Yes, indeed, it'd be a shame to waste all that oil.

...still laughing
2  Estepheia posted on Aug 21, 2003
They should make this a movie and show it every Christmas. Seriously, no matter how often I read this, it never fails to crack me up. And the thing is: while it's funny the voices are still perfectly in character. And the body language is so spot on. *gazes at Fit adoringly*
1  Cindi posted on Aug 21, 2003
Bloody brilliant! :-)

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